The growth platform for fitness professionals

The growth platform for fitness professionals

Everything you need to manage and grow your independent fitness business.

Your all-in-one online studio

Too many tools? Too much back office?

Too Many Tools

With Moxie, everything you need to grow your online fitness business is all in one place.

No more admin headaches. So you can focus on what you do best: help others.

Host your entire class schedule

Group classes. Private sessions. Livestream and In-Person.

Scheduling Made Easy
Create your personal online studio

Your personal live fitness studio

Optimized for online fitness

Warm up & cool down rooms

Fully integrated streaming music

Moxie Music

Music makes the people move together...yeah!

Easily play your own favorite music

Or, use Moxie Music our fully-licensed music player featuring 6 curated workout stations

Learn more about Moxie Music
Video on Demand

Earn passive income with On-Demand

Stream your class On-Demand & more

Upload your YouTube and Vimeo videos

Charge for access to your videos

Earn & Grow

Monetize Your Talents

Charge for livestream, on-demand, and in-person classes

Accept flexible payments for free classes

Offering recurring subscriptions and packages

Manage Clients

Manage Clients

Email automations & reminders

Cater to personal needs

Grow your following!

Integrate Into Your Website

Integrate Into Your Website

Customize it to match your branding

Universally compatible including SquareSpace and Wix

Sign up new clients with seamless checkout

Earn & Grow

Scale Up With

Moxie Teams

Create a complete fitness brand

Manage multiple coaches

Pay your team through Moxie

Learn more about Moxie Teams
Video on Demand

Grow with Moxie Pass

Your tickets to gaining new clients

Feature your classes in the Moxie Marketplace

Benefit from Moxie advertising and social media promotion

Earn $1.25 per ticket including fees, even during free trials. Number of tickets varies based on class price.

Everything Included.

Risk free.

Your Complete All-in-One Platform
Host your entire class schedule and showcase your talents with featured On-Demand classes, image galleries, customized pricing plans and more.
Manage multiple instructor accounts under one brand. Everything an independent studio needs to go hybrid.
Step into your new virtual studio featuring warm up rooms, cool downs, privacy controls, easy recordings, integrated music, and more. Oh, and don't forget to share the class photo!
Turn your talents into passive income. Get paid for your class recordings, as well as for any content you already have on Vimeo and YouTube — all streaming on Moxie.
Moxie makes it easy to go hybrid. Schedule classes for any physical location, and seamlessly accept payments, and track attendance.
Get into the groove with Moxie Music, our commercially-licensed curated fitness music stations, or use your own.
Set your own drop-in prices, or enable flexible after-class payments. Easily offer multiple varieties of subscription plans and packages. You're in full control of your business.
Moxie automatically sends class reminders and notifications on your behalf, so that you can focus on teaching and leave the administrative stuff to us.
Easily track class attendance, engage your clients on workout milestones, and manage all your client communications with Moxie.
Moxie features a robust messaging service, making it easy for you to message individual students, class participants, or your entire audience.
Moxie provides detailed reporting, including clients' usage, payments, and the overall health of your business.
Easily add your Moxie schedule into your personal website with custom colors and fonts. Works perfectly with Squarespace, Wix, and all popular website hosts.
Give your new clients free workouts — on us! Plus, earn cash rewards when your invitees spend money on the platform.
Grow your business with Moxie Pass which can be used for any class, any coach, any time. Earn $1.25 per ticket, even during free trials. Number of tickets vary based on price of class.
Moxie provides everything you need to get started, level up, and grow. Enjoy a wide selection of free trainings and On-Demand classes, along with special premium offers.
Our team is ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days. We've got you.
Your Earnings & Fees
Earnings from payments with Moxie Pass, including free trials
Number of tickets vary based on price of class. All fees included.
$1.25 /ticket
Transaction fee on credit card payments directly to you 12%
Plus standard credit card processing fees
Monthly Platform Subscription $0
No monthly minimums. Cancel anytime.

No monthly minimums. No hidden fees.

We only make money if you are making money.