Yin for Autumn - Intermediate
With You
Monday September 14, 06:45 PM, 60 mins
Class Canceled
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Take this time to nourish your mind and body. The Autumn season is a good time to appreciate the process inside and outside ourselves. It’s a wonderful time for reflection. Just like trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, these fall months are a great opportunity to bring the idea of letting go to our practice. Benefits include decreased stress, increased circulation, and improved flexibility and range of motion. For this class you will need blocks and a blanket

Important Information

- This class will be held on Moxie.
- You will receive an email reminder a few hours before the class.
- Moxie Studios are optimized for laptops & PC browsers. No downloads required. You can also join Moxie Studios on certain tablets and mobile devices. Please review our help files for best practices and tips.
- The warm up room opens 15 minutes before the class begins.
- Following the class you will be asked to provide feedback. Your input helps us improve!