Total Body Sculpt
With You
Thursday April 08, 09:00 PM, 35 mins
5.00 (61)
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This class is a full-body workout! We do strength moves with pulses and slow-motion for more time under tension! In between those moves, we spike our heartrates with HIIT intervals! Join this class if you want to sculpt your body and burn a lot of calories in not a lot of time! 2-5 lbs are recommended but not required. Grab some household items if you do not have weights like water bottles, canned goods, or textbooks!

Important Information
The warm-up room opens 15 minutes prior to the class. - We highly recommend you test your device setup ahead of time. Test Device
You can cancel up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel, you will receive Moxie Credits which can be used with any instructor.