Total Body/Mind Strength Express
Monday January 24, 10:00 AM, 35 mins
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21-Days to Fitness
Jan 21, 2022 to Feb 10, 2022
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It takes about 21 days to form a new habit. START with more exercise, stick with it and see MORE of the amazing YOU!! Are you ready? Let's start slowly. You have 21 days to complete 10 workouts. No pressure - just some good workouts in a supportive environment. In addition, you'll have access to contact me, a Certified ACE Health Coach with any questions regarding your own fitness journey. Fitness is all about growth. Our bodies evolve, get stronger and our minds become set into a pattern of regular exercise that helps each and every one of us become mentally stronger, too. So let's do this, fitness friend. You will have access to all UnFancyFitness Livestream workouts and VOD workouts PLUS health and fitness advice from me - all you have to do is ask! 10 workouts in 21 days. Remember: Just add exercise. You are already amazing. See you in class! Doreen One more thing: Complete the challenge and receive a super membership rate of $29 for a monthly subscription
21 Days
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Grab your weights and let's go! In 35-minutes, we'll work hard on each major muscle group for a mini-workout with big results. Work legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core and improve balance. Resistance training is an important component for overall fitness for life. Strengthen your muscles and bones and release endorphins which will help you worry less, boost mood and decrease symptoms of depression & anxiety. Great for all levels. Beginners welcome :

Equipment Required

Beginners - light hand weights. Intermediate - a variety of weight sizes are ideal but you can make it work with what you have already. We sometimes use resistance band loops, gliders (paper plates work well) and Bender Balls. You can always work without - I give many options.

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