Mon Aug 31
09:00 PM
60 mins
Sativa Flow (Vinyasa)
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Group Class on Moxie
Class Canceled

One breath, one movement is the focus in this quicker paced dynamic and strengthening vinyasa flow. Kitty will guide you through one specific sequence of postures during this Monday class, which will be repeated and will continue to expand and build upon with each session. This is perfect for beginners in vinyasa and those wanting to stay consistent with their movements and workouts. You can except to be challenged and rewarded with sweat and breaking up of stagnate energy that will help create space for well rested sleep. This night time class is great way to work the 'Yang' energy & muscles, to better balance and strengthen our muscles and intention for the week. As always, you will be given tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to deepen your practice through the conscious consumption of cannabis and other herbs. * If you have questions about this class please send us a message. *21+ class since ganja is discussed. *This class is not intended to replace medical advice.

Important Information

- This class will be held on Moxie.
- You will receive an email reminder a few hours before the class.
- Moxie Studios are optimized for laptops & PC browsers. No downloads required. You can also join Moxie Studios on certain tablets and mobile devices. Please review our help files for best practices and tips.
- The warm up room opens 15 minutes before the class begins.
- Following the class you will be asked to provide feedback. Your input helps us improve!