Psoas release practice
Thursday September 23, 09:00 AM, 70 mins
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Psoas release The muscle of Might, Spirit and Soul Unlocking Tension- Releasing the Psoas Muscle The Psoas muscle is often referred to as the “Mighty Psoas”. It is the muscle that initiates the physical fight, flight or freeze response. The Psoas is responsible for you being able to bend over at the waist and lift your legs up. In fact, whether you run, bike, dance, practice yoga, or just hang out on your couch, your Psoas muscle is involved! Not only does this muscle affect your posture and stabilize your spine, it’s also known as the muscle of the soul. It is directly connected to the diaphragm and your ability to breathe, as well as how you respond to fear and excitement. we will take an experiential journey moving our bodies with a very gentle yoga practice. You will be guided through a gentle yoga practice with long holds that will help open and stretch the hip flexor complex. We will end with the “Psoas shake” a technique intended to release stress and calm the nervous system.

Equipment Required

Yoga Mat, yoga blocks, blanket

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