Power Cardio
Monday January 31, 09:00 AM, 40 mins
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Strength and cardio! We will combine bodyweight cardio work with strength training using a single medium weight (a dumbbell or kettlebell work great) to get a total body workout. You can still join without weights and get a great workout! We will have a variety of moves to keep it interesting! Always focusing on proper form, and core stability. Modifications will be provided for any high impact exercises. Beginners to advanced, equipment or no equipment, we can make this workout work for you! Class time includes warm up, 30 minute workout and cool down/stretching

Equipment Required

A single medium sized weight (medium for you... Somewhere in the 8-15lb range would probably work for most. If you're an absolute beginner a water bottle, or 3-5 lb hand weight would work great!) If you don't have a weight, a gallon jug of water, or bottle of laundry detergent works perfectly! :)

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