Midweek Melt (Flow + Restorative)
With You
Wednesday January 13, 06:00 PM, 65 mins
5.00 (56)
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Part vinyasa flow, part restorative! This class will be sure to get you moving and releasing some midweek tension on your mat in some gentle restorative poses. Expect to spend 1/2 of the class low to the floor. You should have an understanding of sun salutations and fundamental yoga poses and a desire to move your body gently and breathe. Grab two blocks or books, a strap or belt, and two blankets or a cushion!

Equipment Required

Two blocks or wide books, 3 blankets, a bolster (or use blankets), a strap or belt, and a cushion, cozy clothes are a plus!

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Important Information
The warm-up room opens 15 minutes prior to the class. - We highly recommend you test your device setup ahead of time. Test Device
Make sure to be on time. To ensure a great experience for everyone, the studio doors closes 10 minutes after the scheduled start time
You can cancel up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel, you will receive Moxie Credits which can be used with any instructor.