Lunar Vinyasa
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Monday April 26, 04:00 PM, 60 mins
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Lunar Vinyasa is a rhythmic, flowing class based on moon salutations or chandra namaskar. The moon salutations incorporate traditional yoga asanas (poses) with an exploration of movement and fluidity within the poses. The moon salutations will differ from sun salutations by flowing primarily in a lateral direction rather than forward and back, and typically incorporate deep squats, lunges, triangle and warrior poses. Students will be encouraged to modify the practice to their abilities. Beginning to intermediate students will explore asana variations, while advanced students will be given options to work on arm balances and inversions. Lunar Vinyasa moves slightly slower than a typical vinyasa class, offering an opportunity to learn and refine poses. The practice is also a wonderful compliment, or alternative, to chattaranga-based vinyasa, power yoga, and ashtanga, because it places less strain on the wrists and shoulders. Appropriate for athletic beginners, to advanced.

Equipment Required

Bring your non-slip yoga mat and two yoga blocks. Also useful are a yoga strap and firm blanket.

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Important Information
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