Lower Body w/Bands and Core
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Tuesday April 13, 05:00 PM, 30 mins
4.94 (477)
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This is a lower body workout which will use the booty band and weights. The target is from your waist down will expand each week so at the end of the month your entire lower body will be worked form inner/outer thigh, quads/hams, calfs and allll parts of the booty. The core is the foundation of the body and a total body workout is ideal for optimal results. You can't spot reduce to lose weight in one area. The core workout will give instruction on what exercises and why we do them.

Equipment Required

booty bands, weights, and a mat

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This is a Flex Pay class. Please pay your Instructor after the class by clicking "Flex Pay" inside the studio or directly on the Instructor's profile.

Important Information
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