Keep It Balanced! Unilateral Strong
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Tuesday May 04, 07:00 AM, 40 mins
5.00 (66)
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Hello My Beautiful Fitness Queens and Welcome to the May and June Fitness Program! I have got a treat for you. For 10 weeks we will be focusing on Strength and become Leaner than Ever. After all it is almost summer☀️ The name of the Program is “Lean Queen Muscle Building Machine”, catchy right. During this workout program we will absorb the idea of time under TENSION and keeping a contraction to produce new stimuli for the muscles we are trying to build and the fat we are keeping off. If you are with me than sign-up for results of a lifetime. I provide modifications for the beginner and progressed modifications for the advanced. So there is no need to shy away. Today’s workout is a Unilateral Balance and Stabilization Workout that utilizes working the muscles and recruiting muscle fibers on one side at a time using Dumbbells as a progressive overload in circuit style. This work is great if you struggle to keep steady or have a “weaker side”. Come join me Queen! Let’s do This!

Equipment Required

Dumbbells (Medium-Heavy) / Beginner (No Weights)

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