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Thursday April 08, 09:30 AM, 75 mins
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Yoga and massage have some of the same benefits: Increase joint flexibility, lessen depression and anxiety, relax and soften tired and overused muscles etc. Both modalities do this by applied pressure to the soft tissues of the body and encouraging the body's natural parasympathetic nervous system response: the rest and digest state. Yin Yoga is a practice designed to gently and effectively release tension and adhesions with in the myofascial complex (muscle, tendon, layered connective tissue) by holding various poses (asanas) to stress/ stretch the tissues over time. The term Yin (Daoism) is also used because practitioners have found that these poses directly effect meridians or energy channels and their corresponding organ systems used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pair all of this with Mindfulness Meditation and inquiry practices, pranayam (breath work) and you have Yin Yoga and Meditation. A wonderful self-care practice to encourage balance and cultivate attention.

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