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Tuesday May 04, 02:00 PM, 60 mins
4.97 (175)
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INTEGRATE your mind, body and spirit through this challenging Level 2 yoga flow class. This 60-minute practice will focus on breath, postural alignment, transitions, integration and awareness. Flow sequences are designed to move energy, allowing you to become more deeply acquainted with your body, so you leave class feeling more integrated between your mind, body & spirit. This energetic practice is ideal for the student who brings some foundational knowledge of yoga poses, but if you're unsure of your own level just jump in & join us! I will offer modifications and variations throughout class. In addition to a yoga mat, optional props may include 1-2 blocks and/or a yoga strap. If you're taking this class On Demand, utilize my Spotify handle @jenmarkus to access flow playlists!

Equipment Required

yoga mat; depending on class, 1-2 blocks and yoga strap may be recommended

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Important Information
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