Hormone Health Workshop - #LYB
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Saturday March 27, 01:00 PM, 90 mins
4.98 (50)
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Loving the body comes with self-care and self-appreciation. We can do it at home with self-awareness of our own body, whatever shape it has. Beauty comes from inside out. Know yourself, love yourself, be yourself! This workshop is a lecture on how to take care of the body and mind throughout the stage of life from puberty to menopause. The workshop has 3 parts. Part 1: - Understanding the hormonal system and how to support it with diet, yoga, and self-care. Part 2: Learning ayurvedic practices for self-care (how and why to use a neti pot to clean the nose, how and why to clean the eyes, the tongue, and self-massage). You also will learn simple breathing exercises to maintain pelvic floor health, manage hot flashes and reduce stress. Part 3: Discussion to answer any questions. As Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness consultant I covered the topic in details. In addition I am trained in "Hormone Yoga Therapy".

Important Information
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You can cancel up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel, you will receive Moxie Credits which can be used with any instructor. Out of courtesy, please cancel as early as you can.