Hamstrings of Heroes
Sunday June 20, 12:30 PM, 40 mins
5.00 (75)
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Hamstrings are your Best friend! They help extend the hip, they assist with an posterior pelvic tilt or (scooping the hips in to avoid an arch in back), and they assist us as we walk. With all of those functions they tend to get avoided very easily. We tend to focus more on the Quads and the Anterior (front) of the body as opposed to the Posterior (back) yet we need to attack the entire kinetic chain and I am here to help. Let’s focus on all of the Hamstrings functions to make a Hero out of its never ending efforts. Get ready for a Deadlift variation with only 6 exercises in total, where the deadlift is a compound movement that will sure have you feeling the burn right away.

Equipment Required

Heavy Dumbbells (Advance) / Medium Dumbbells (Intermediate) / Light Dumbbells or Bodyweight (Beginners) /

Important Information
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