Freedom Nation Urban Conflict Prep
Monday December 06, 08:00 AM, 59 mins
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The Urban Warfare Pre-Deployment Training plan is a 6-week, 5 day/week training program mission-specifically designed to prepare military and other athletes for deployment to urban conflict areas. This plan specifically trains athletes for the following fitness attributes demanded in urban operations: Short Distance Sprinting/Cutting across danger zones under load Level changes and upper body pushing/pulling - wall jump and dismount, climbing through windows, low crawl, etc. Intense 3-5 minute efforts such as a rolling firefight and casualty evacuation Low Back and Chassis Integrity Strength and Strength endurance for multiple hours/days under a load of a plate carrier Leg Strength and Explosive Power Mental and Physical endurance and stamina - Urban warfare is considered to be the most demanding form of combat WOD includes combat ethics and leadership video training from military thought leaders to include Marines John Rudd and Chris Reardon, and Ret. Navy SEALJocko Willink.

Equipment Required

This is a limited equipment training plan Ruck and 45# filler/load 25# Weight Vest or IBA which can be loaded to 25# Sandbag (40# women, 60# men). Step Up Box/Plyo Box/or Bench (18-24" high) Pull Up Bar (Alternate: Dumbell or Sandbag Curl)

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