Freedom Guardian WOD
Sunday September 19, 08:30 AM, 60 mins
4.95 (21)
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This will be a workout utilizing tactical movements to include sprints and work with a sandbag. This workout will also include a short video clip from the Surrender Movie from SOF Missions the stories behind 6 US Special Forces Operators from joining the military leading up to 9/11 all the way to facing dark challenges returning from combat. The movie is shown during parts of the workout or during the stretching portion in order to help participants gain an appreciation for military/veteran struggles with suicidal ideation, PTSD, and other issues while also helping to inspire hope for civilians, veterans, and first responders alike in hope to overcome traumatic events. This WOD is done in honor of the men and women who served in the GWOT since 9/11 as well as all veterans who have served the US.

Equipment Required

Sandbag or Backpack with books or other type of weight. Prescribed weight is 40 lbs for women and 60 lbs for men generally although lighter loads will be used depending on the movements.

Flex Pay

This is a Flex Pay class. Please pay your Instructor after the class by clicking "Flex Pay" inside the studio or directly on the Instructor's profile.

Important Information
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