#FitGiving - BASHMADE - Bootcamp
Studio Moxie DC With BASH
Tuesday November 30, 08:30 AM, 50 mins
5.00 (3)
One Time Purchase
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BASHMADE BOOTCAMP is a strength and conditioning class designed to leave you DRENCHED in sweat and your muscles fully PUMPED to kick off your Saturday! BASHMADE BOOTCAMP was created to bring together a community of encouraging and sweat hungry people who are looking to be challenged physically every week. BASHMADE BOOTCAMP is a strength and conditioning styled class that requires nothing but effort, consistency and a willingness to work. My goal for this class is to teach fundamental functional movements required to progress in any person's strength training journey.

Equipment Required

Dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, jump ropes (equipment is provided)

Important Information
This is an In-Person class, do not forget to note the address details.
You can cancel up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel, you will receive Moxie Credits which can be used with any instructor. Out of courtesy, please cancel as early as you can.