Colossal Calisthenics - Full Body
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Sunday May 16, 12:30 PM, 40 mins
5.00 (64)
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Calisthenics is how we are starting our WEEK #3 of the “Lean Queen Muscle Building Machine” Program!! We have a body weight focused workout that works our larger muscle groups or prime movers such as our Quads (front of thighs) and Lats (mid-lower back). Prime movers support us in compound movements (movements that work more than one muscle and joint). Let’s give them a little bit of love and use our own body weight to create resistance training for strength. Although most Calisthenics moves are simple, they normally are not performed through its full range of motion and in the correct posture and so the aim is to nail both of those today. Join me and lets pull out the Gymnast in us all!

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