Cardio Barre #3: Band & Med Weights
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Wednesday April 28, 08:30 AM, 50 mins
5.00 (62)
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Have you ever been to a Barre class and left with a sore lower back? Maybe they asked you to tuck your tail over and over and over again. You then left with a sore back because you were asked to tuck your pelvis into a posterior tilt repetitively. In Pilates, we'v learned a neutral spine is safest! This Barre class "Barrelates" style focuses on the basic fundamentals of both Pilates and ballet - correct spinal alignment, a neutral pelvic placement and constant awareness of the core as a stabilizer so that you do not leave a barre class with a pain in your back! Our Barrelates class is a Barre classes which fuses in Pilates principles involving high-repetition bodyweight exercises that hold the muscles of the legs, abdominals, glutes and arms under tension with the use of our unique bands for extended periods. This type of training leads to enhanced cardio fitness as well as strengthening the muscles that are required to maintain posture and stability through the joints.

Equipment Required

Please make sure to have a support system, whether that's an actual barre, chair, countertop, wall. Please also make sure to bring two medium weights and one 5-6 inch circular band

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