BUNS OF STEEL (Glutes Workout)
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Friday May 21, 06:15 PM, 40 mins
5.00 (64)
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Let’s face it... nice glutes or booty muscles are one of the main reasons why we start working out. That along with flat abs! Now although we could never no matter how hard we try, spot reduce fat, we can work on our body composition and that happens to be out posterior chain this time. The back of us gets neglected because it’s well in the back and we need to shed some light on it. Buns of steel helps to extend out hips for better conditioning with everyday movements like walking or running. It tends to be an under active muscle due to most of us sitting all day whether that is on the way to work driving or at work sitting at a desk. This workout works on motor control utilizing the glutes as prime moves as well as incorporating its synergist (hamstrings) to contract and control each exercise. Let’s squat, lift, stabilize, and drive our buns to buns of steel!

Equipment Required

Ankle weights / Stepper or Plyo Box / *Workout can be completed without equipment*

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