Sun Aug 02
11:30 AM
45 mins
Bootcamp with Coach Julian
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Group Class on Moxie

Spotify Playlist: Coach Julian | Bootcamp 05 Bootcamp is classes that consist of small groups to work together as teams that consist of various full bodywork that consist but not limited to a mixture of core, cardio, strength with a blast of HIIT. We will be using various equipment. All levels are welcome.

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Important Information

- This class will be held on Moxie.
- You will receive an email reminder a few hours before the class.
- Moxie Studios are optimized for laptops & PC browsers. No downloads required. You can also join Moxie Studios on certain tablets and mobile devices. Please review our help files for best practices and tips.
- The warm up room opens 15 minutes before the class begins.
- Following the class you will be asked to provide feedback. Your input helps us improve!