Ageless Yoga
With You
Friday May 28, 04:00 PM, 60 mins
4.96 (76)
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As our bodies mature, we must gracefully face the challenge of having to adjust to some surprising and unexpected limitations. Bones may weaken. Tone may lessen. Strength may wane. This series of classes will focus on simple yoga asanas that will build strength, increase range of motion, and create muscular tone. We may sometimes be using small hand and/or ankle weights. We will practice slowly and deeply. This gently flowing class may include both standing and chair poses, as well as asanas kneeling, from "table pose." Be kind and loving toward yourself as you explore what you are capable of, embracing a vital, happy, healthy you.

Equipment Required

Small hand and/or ankle weights may be used. If you don't have weights to hold, a soup can or two will do nicely. A folding chair may be used for some classes. A yoga mat will be helpful to keep your feet from slipping. A firm blanket may be helpful to sit on to allow for proper alignment. Don't worry about having all the "right" stuff; when I started practicing, yoga mats and props hadn't even been invented. You'll do just fine!

Important Information
The warm-up room opens 15 minutes prior to the class. - We highly recommend you test your device setup ahead of time. Test Device
You can cancel up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you cancel, you will receive Moxie Credits which can be used with any instructor. Out of courtesy, please cancel as early as you can.