Addicted to Yoga #LYB
Tuesday March 23, 12:00 PM, 60 mins
5.00 (1)
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Throughout a lifetime of addiction and a feeling of separation, yoga always brings me home to myself. Whether is was red wine, relationships, shopping, cannabis or Netflix, I've lived in a constant cycle of distraction. Always seeking a way to escape from a world I didn't feel understood me or had room for me. Yoga is always the warm hug welcoming me back to myself and reminding me that I am an important part of the world just as I am. Accepting myself and thereby feeling comfortable in the world. This 75 minute practice is a Gentle Yoga Flow that finishes with a short Yoga Nidra. Self love through yoga invites us to the quiet space within where we can feel our inner guidance. Loving that essence within in order to best show up for ourselves and our lives. Now is the time to claim your sacred space again. To be so addicted to the sweet essence that you are that you fully embody your divine vessel and walk like a mountain lion named Kwan Yin.

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