With Mary Long
Monday October 25, 07:00 PM, 75 mins
5.00 (1)
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This is a mat yoga class where we will focus on technique, posture corrections, addressing any pains or discomfort, and really getting into the technicalities of the movement needed to create a pain-free life. This is a technically oriented class with low to medium intensity. This means that we will talk a lot about the details of the posture as we go through the flow. This class is somewhere between a vinyasa and a dance rehab or mat pilates class, no impact. We do yoga flows but will stop to address any pain points with a focus on posture and alignment. We work through postures in a series: some series we will work on arm balances; example we will work towards building arm strength to get into postures like crow; headstands. There is more emphasis on the technical posture, alignment and building strength than on a continuous flow. This is a great class for rehabilitating any injuries or correcting posture, refining your flow. This is a Level 1-3 class. All experience levels welcome.

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Important Information
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