Our Story

A story of coming together during challenging times.

Hi! If you’re reading this, we’re already thankful. We know that you’re busy and juggling a zillion things, and trying to figure out what the ‘New Normal’ is going to be like.

So are we.

Covid-19 has been a global tragedy. Millions of people have fallen ill. Hundreds of thousands have tragically died. Economies have been ravaged, industries and lives are turned upside down, and unprecedented numbers of jobs have been lost. The future of social interactions and work may never be the same.

Prior to Covid-19, our team had been building software for large companies.

2020 was set to be a banner year; we had several big customer launches scheduled.

Then Covid-19 hit and all of those big projects were suddenly canceled.

Rather than give up, we decided to focus our resources towards building something that people need right now -- even if it meant starting from scratch.

It was scary as heck, yet invigorating!

What began next was a conversation -- to understand what peoples’ lives were like before the crisis, to learn their current pains and challenges, and to start figuring out how we could help.

We learned a lot, foremost, about the fortitude and resilience of people everywhere who are doing their best to keep on, keep moving, stay active and connected, and persevere during these challenging times.

One thing we heard again and again is that people are suddenly in need of better ways to participate in online wellness activities.

Gyms and studios are closed, but everyone still wants to move!

Our own team felt the same pain as we struggled to keep up with our fitness, art, language, and music classes.

We decided this was an area where we could make a difference!

We dug deeper and learned that instructors needed a lot of help transitioning from offline to online.

They suddenly had to build their own businesses, but were struggling to cobble together various disconnected services for scheduling, payments, attendee management, and online studios.

That’s where Moxie comes in. Moxie means fighting spirit.

If you’ve got moxie, you don’t let a setback stop you from trying again, because you're a determined person who doesn't give up easily.

We designed Moxie to be an empowering community where everyone can find wellness, where people come together and grow, and where instructors thrive and earn a good living.

Hopefully you’ve gotten a good sense of why we started Moxie.

Please check out our platform. Sign up for a class. Become an instructor.

We need early adopters like you to try it out, give us feedback, and help us continue to improve.